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As we all know, the dynamics of companies and their risk profiles are constantly evolving. Yet, the current risk landscape often relies on evaluating a merchant’s status at a single point in time – an onboarding snapshot followed by periodic manual reviews. In a world where changes occur every day, even every hour, such static approaches fall short.

Imagine if you could receive proactive risk notifications that keep you ahead of the curve, allowing you to manage situations before they escalate. This is where KYP steps in!

Regulators are pushing for real-time monitoring of merchants, and KYP is at the forefront of this revolution. Unlike other platforms, we offer continuous, real-time monitoring that empowers Acquirers and Payment Service Providers (PSPs) to engage with confidence. With KYP, you’ll have the assurance that your merchants are under vigilant watch, even in the ever-changing business landscape.

In an increasingly interconnected world, managing financial and reputational risks is essential. KYP ensures your business remains resilient by offering unparalleled risk management in the face of openness and connectivity.

How KYP helps PSPs & Acquirers Merchant Monitoring.

Experience proactive alerts, continuous monitoring, and heightened efficiency.

Strategy and intelligence

  • Link graphing connecting known phoenix from the flames businesses
  • Build personalised charts and other visualisations
  • Perform mandatory scenario modelling for business continuity planning


  • Corporate and director adverse media checks
  • Insolvency warnings
  • Indicators of DarkWeb compromise and data breach
  • Indicators of Trusted Organisation as a ‘Point of Compromise’
  • Understand if Trusted Organisations are adhering to their Terms of Use
Merchant Monitoring • KYP
  • Asynchronous 24/7 alerting system

  • Connected to the User Investigation Interface and can be linked to multiple channels such as SMS, email and telephones.

  • Risk score on every API response to support logging and record an audit trail for regulation compliance.

  • Hourly Risk Digest to expose the underlying data over API.

Merchant Monitoring • KYP
  • Portfolio volume alerts
    Indicates significant changes in the portfolio since last login

  • Risk analysis reporting
    Overview and breakdown of high and medium risk alerts to enable focus on immediate risks to business

  • Case analysis and reporting
    Dashboard of case status for management reporting and operational workload

  • Operational dashboard
    Overview of team activity and cases completed

  • Alerts and notifications dashboard
    Overview of open cases for management interception and reassignment when required

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