Trusted broad data sources
intelligently connected.

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Providing risk insights
you can confidently act upon.

KYP Platform • KYP

We mine broad, trusted data sources and intelligently connect them with our unique AI and Machine Learning to generate a complete risk understanding of the partners your business relies upon. DarkWeb hack? You’ll know about it. Potential insolvency? Early warning alerts at the ready. We don’t leave you with a ton of data you have to interpret for yourself. We tell you the level of risk and how to mitigate it. Fast, continuously and in real time.

KYP Platform • KYP

Platform features.

  • The comprehensive data set in the market

    With over 2,000 global data points, we utilise 70% more data than our competitors. KYP’s risk scores and alerts are delivered through analysis of Credit Scores, DarkWeb, PEPs, Sanctions, Adverse Media, Cyber Risk and Insolvency Checks – meaning there’s nowhere for surprises to hide.

  • Unique KYP AI
    See new connections in data that others may miss. Our proprietary AI graph linking database connects the dots for you and provides a structured risk analysis, giving you a truly holistic view of your partner.

  • Always on – just like your business
    Continuously monitor business and credit risk from third parties – be proactive and reactive to changing risk landscapes across multiple providers.

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