This mission, wholeheartedly endorsed by the Mayor of London, further cements KYP’s position as an industry frontrunner. This recognition validates that we are on the right path to success, strengthening our commitment to excellence. 

Alan Nagle, CEO of KYP, stated, ” I am delighted that KYP is participating in the trade mission to North America. I want to extend my sincere gratitude to the entire team at London & Partners, Grow London Global, the Mayor of London, and the Department of Trade and Industry for their invaluable support and making this possible.  We are genuinely thrilled to be part of the esteemed consortium of FinTechs representing London on this trade mission, and we take immense pride in championing our city on this international stage.”

The anticipation is palpable in the team as we prepare to connect with influential business leaders, prospective clients, and the thriving ecosystems in the vibrant cities of New York and Toronto. 

We invite you to stay tuned as we embark on this incredible journey, promising to bring you regular updates, exclusive insights, and thrilling developments from the heart of the FinTech revolution. 

For those eager to delve deeper into Grow London Global’s mission of fostering global connections, please visit their website at Their goal is to spotlight London’s FinTech expertise on the global stage, relentlessly building bridges of innovation and fostering sustained growth.

Join us on this remarkable trade mission and follow us on our LinkedIn channel here.

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