KYP and RiskRecon, a Mastercard Company today announced they have entered into a global strategic partnership, combining KYP’s industry leading third- party continuous monitoring risk intelligence platform with RiskRecon’s world class real-time visibility of third-party partners’ cyber performance. The KYP-RiskRecon partnership will give businesses confidence and peace of mind by providing deep insights, rich intelligence and real-time information to make informed decisions on risk, resulting in more profitable relationships.

The challenge nowadays is trust – do we know the partners and companies we work with? Businesses need a better way to manage their real-time financial, cyber and reputational risk in an increasingly global, open and interconnected world. A more complete picture of partners is required so businesses can take proactive action on risks to protect their businesses.

This announcement follows KYP’s seed round closure, the hire of its CTO Andrei Iacob, the appointment of chairman David Parker and board member Luis Davila and the appointment of David Birch and Howard Hall to KYP’s advisory board.

“The KYP-RiskRecon strategic partnership is a powerful combination for KYP and our clients. Mastercard RiskRecon’s understanding of third-party partners’ cyber performance and the resulting intelligence, offers a unique understanding of a business’s third-party partner relationships. We believe this partnership with RiskRecon will offer our clients an industry leading risk intelligence platform,” said Alan Nagle, CEO of KYP. “This partnership will allow us to deliver far more business data for our customers. KYP sees RiskRecon as essential in providing our customers a deeper understanding of their partners, for the power for action on risk”.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with KYP as we look forward to delivering holistic cyber risk insights to their customers. Together, we are excited to announce with this new partnership we are able to help countless organizations secure their third party risk across their vendor ecosystem.” said Rigo Van den Broeck, EVP Cyber Security Product Innovation, Mastercard.

KYP announces strategic partnership with Mastercard's RiskRecon • KYP

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