About Us • KYP
About Us • KYP
About Us • KYP


KYP was formed by Alan Nagle after recognising that current due diligence providers were not solving the problem of identifying the risks involved in transacting with non-banking partners.

Products available in the market were solely focused on-boarding and transactional monitoring and not the on-going fraud and reputational risks that the current Open and Connected World can create; this resulted in the use of multiple platforms and resources to gain as much information as possible.

At KYP we take a holistic approach to Knowing Your Partner and mine a complete range of broad and trusted data sources with our unique Machine Learning and AI – intelligently connecting them in one platform resulting in connections other solutions are missing.

About Us • KYP

Vision and Mission

To be the leading global real-time continuous monitoring risk intelligence platform.

Our mission is to create robust risk solutions and empower secure and profitable partner relationships through our unique AI and Machine Learning, simplifying decisions and mitigating risks in an Open and Connected World.

Our Values.


We’re interested in the world around us, and what makes it and business tick. We are always learning.


We believe in proof and evidence; we don’t make rash decisions or weigh in unnecessarily. We’re considered and thoughtful.


We seek to make a tangible difference in the lives of our customers. We are proud of who we are and what we do.


We’re here to help people connect and make sure we always deliver what our customers’ need. We relish working together.

Meet the team.

About Us • KYP

Alan Nagle.

Founder and CEO

About Us • KYP

David Parker.


About Us • KYP

David Coleman.

Chief Product Officer

About Us • KYP

Jack Mulcahy.

Chief Operating Officer

About Us • KYP

Andrei Iacob.

Chief Technology Officer

Our Advisory Board.

About Us • KYP

David Birch.


About Us • KYP

Luis Davila.

Board Member / Investor

About Us • KYP

Howard Hall.


About Us • KYP


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